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Server Rules

General Rules:

Section 1: Client Modifications  - All of the following are Bannable

        -  Blacklisted Mods:

        -  Any hacked, ghost, or injectible client.

        -  Any Minimap with entity player Minimaps.

        -  X-Ray Mod or Texture Pack

        -  Minebot

        -  Inventory Tweaks

        -  Chest-Esp Mod

        -  Keybinds / Macros / Autoclicker / Scripts

        -  Any form of Printer


(Most Mods Like BetterPvP / Just-PvP / Etc Are allowed. Ask if unsure!)


Section 2: Chat Rules - All of the following are Mutable or Bannable

        - Be respectful to all players and staff members.

        - Don't ask for any items or ranks from staff members.

        - Please refrain from spamming chat / bypassing chat filter.

        - Keep swearing outside of public chat. We are an all aged server.

        - Please refrain from using excessive amounts of Caps.

        - Please refrain from using Racist Slurs and Sexual remarks.

        - Any sort of Harassing or Disrespect towards staff is not allowed.

        - Do not act like a staff member.


Section 3: - Failure of the following will result in () - (Staff Discretion)

        - Staff Disrespect:  73h+ Mute

        - Suicide Encourage:  71h+ Mute

        - Illness/Suicide Jokes:  72h+ Mute

        - Glitch Exploiting will result in an automatic 3 day+ ban!

        - Donation chargebacks will result in a permanent IP-Ban / Blacklist.

        - No Island trapping/killing. Will result in a 3d Ban.

        - No Stealing. Stealing will result in a permanent ban.

        - Ban evading will result in a permanent IP-Ban / Blacklist.

        - Mute evading will result in a permanent IP-Mute.

        - Auction house scamming will result in a 7+ day Ban.



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