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Builds- Spawn!

Hello everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Funfact! If you are reading this then you probably have no clue what this thread is about (I am joking). Today I am going to be going over all the builds ready to be shown off to the world very, very soon! This will have all builds in this one post, and it will be frequently changing and updating! So strap up and lets start with the biggest change of all the spawn!

Though this was a very difficult build to do, it was rough and very bad in the start, but slowly and steadily the build team worked tirelessly to make sure it was unique and perfect for the opening of FaintMC! Thank you Keef and Stef for helping a good deal on this huge project.

Before I show you the new spawn! I want to show you what I saw when I was given this project!


Now at the time is was very bland, not much on the detailing and had a very awful looking nether theme, which was my main goal, there was also very bad theming, but to save you from me rambling on about builds and style, ill show you another photo of the original piece.


The Spawn had weird spikes everywhere and lots of open space which gave lots of options to optimize the spawn.

Though the old spawn looks not the best, I promise you the new and improved spawn has a whole need feel and has been completely revamped to suit the server for the better!


WOAH! I know! the center before had no real connect with what the server was all about, so I completely revamped the center adding a whole new features, it is not a copy and with a bit of change, its a full flown new spawn!


This is where you can get information about such things, If you want full details you will have to wait and read the signs for yourself!


The life in all of spawn was very unique and fantastic from what I have seen before, and I really just wanted to have a unique and good looking vibe at spawn, instead of a dull nether theme.


We also have cute little animal slaughter houses just for you at spawn! But please don't tell the animals, they don't know that yet.


This by far took the longest time to revamp, the original had no dome and was fairly open, however I went in and went crazy and the top looks much better now!


Here you will see the amazing staff team shown off to the world, so you know who is who on the staff team, its always good to know!


This section by far is the most enjoyable one for me, it has lots of cool features to it and looks the best, it also has a lot of help when choosing your island! (More will be explained in the "Builds- ISLANDS post)


Above spawn is a very pretty view and a very useful area! The crate area! very pretty and was completely remade by me! Funfact: the original place for the crates was going to be where the information was under the spikes, but the builders thought it would be better for it to have its own little spot! I think it makes the top sections very useful!


This spawn was a huge overhaul from the whole build team. I really enjoyed working with everyone, through good and bad times, I hope the spawn came out just as you, a player of FaintMC wanted, if you have an issue with spawn, please consult at my hidden office at spawn (I'm Serious!). Spawn has been a lot of work and I am very thrilled to see it going to good use!

Original Spawn Builder-
Builders of Spawn-

Last message-
For those of you wanting to see spawn a little bit more, you will! I promise! The server is very close and almost finished! I really want people to love this spawn as much as the builders do! Please be patient and be excited for a very unique experience of FAINTMC!


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