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Invite Competition

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Well we are getting very close now, still waiting on some elements, but we're almost there...

While we were setting up, we have kept this discord server fairly closed off. But its time to round everyone up and get them hyped! FaintMC is coming!!!

So to help spread the hype, and to encourage everyone to invite every player they know, we are holding an Invite Competition!

All your invites will be automatically tracked, all you need to do is invite. You can check on the progress with "!Leaderboard" command in the "bot-commands" channel in discord.

The competition will end when the server launches, and the winners will be announced at that time.

Prizes will be as follows:

1st: $50 Buycraft Voucher
2nd: $30 Buycraft Voucher
3rd: $20 Buycraft Voucher

We will keep you up to date as things progress, but we are excited to get launched and to start cultivating our community :)


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.
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