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Builds- Spawn!

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Hello everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Funfact! If you are reading this then you probably have no clue what this thread is about (I am joking). Today I am going to be going over all the builds ready to be shown off to the world very, very soon! This will have all builds in this one post, and it will be frequently changing and updating! So strap up and lets start with the biggest change of all the spawn!

Though this was a very difficult build to do, it was rough and very bad in the start, but slowly and steadily the build team worked tirelessly to make sure it was unique and perfect for the opening of FaintMC! Thank you Keef and Stef for helping a good deal on this huge project.

Before I show you the new spawn! I want to show you what I saw when I was given this project!


Now at the time is was very bland, not much on the detailing and had a very awful looking nether theme, which was my main goal, there was also very bad theming, but to save you from me rambling on about builds and style, ill show you another photo of the original piece.


The Spawn had weird spikes everywhere and lots of open space which gave lots of options to optimize the spawn.

Though the old spawn looks not the best, I promise you the new and improved spawn has a whole need feel and has been completely revamped to suit the server for the better!


WOAH! I know! the center before had no real connect with what the server was all about, so I completely revamped the center adding a whole new features, it is not a copy and with a bit of change, its a full flown new spawn!


This is where you can get information about such things, If you want full details you will have to wait and read the signs for yourself!

[ATTACH type="full" width="534px"...

Invite Competition

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Well we are getting very close now, still waiting on some elements, but we're almost there...

While we were setting up, we have kept this discord server fairly closed off. But its time to round everyone up and get them hyped! FaintMC is coming!!!

So to help spread the hype, and to encourage everyone to invite every player they know, we are holding an Invite Competition!

All your invites will be automatically tracked, all you need to do is invite. You can check on the progress with "!Leaderboard" command in the "bot-commands" channel in discord.

The competition will end when the server launches, and the winners will be announced at that time.

Prizes will be as follows:

1st: $50 Buycraft Voucher
2nd: $30 Buycraft Voucher
3rd: $20 Buycraft Voucher

We will keep you up to date as things progress, but we are excited to get launched and to start cultivating our community :)


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We have been working hard on the forums while we wait on the last few things to fall into place for launch, and we are proud to say, that although we will still be making running changes, the forums are at a state that our players can register and we can start to use it as our central form of communication.


Please take the time to register when you can at http://www.faintmc.com
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